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Field Trip Planner Field Trip Ideas in North Carolina

North Carolina Field Trip Ideas

Looking for field trip ideas? Rowan County is home to three of Carolina Field Trip Magazine’s 25 most popular educational field trip destinations in North Carolina. Dan Nicholas Park ranked 1st in popularity and attracted 123,137 field-trip participants last year. Don Bringle, head of the Rowan County Parks and Recreation and manager of Dan Nicholas, credited the park's success to its diversity of exhibits and science programs. The Lazy 5 Ranch was the 4th most popular field trip site and Patterson Farm rounded out the list at 19th.

Teachers, if you are looking for that 'WOW' factor with at a low cost and a diverse curriculum for students of all grade levels you can find it inRowan County. Planning a field trip from miles away can be a challenge. To help you get the most out of your visit to the Rowan County, we have developed some tools to help you plan the perfect field trip. Request more information.


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